Transit service for the senior citizen community

Serving groups of ten or more people, SeniorRide is an essential service for the senior citizen community. Every year, SeniorRide transports thousands of senior citizens to a variety of cultural, educational and entertainment events. Get on board today.

How to use SeniorRide

  1. Make reservations with us. Call us at 303.299.6503 or send an email to senior.ride@rtd‑ to make reservations for transportation to events. Please do not call the venue to reserve tickets for the events until you receive confirmation of your seats from us.
  2. Mail one check for the group to the location indicated on the designated event page before the deadline listed in our newsletter. Please note that cash payment is not accepted at the events.
  3. Call us for final confirmations at least three weeks before the event. SeniorRide will provide information on pick-up times approximately one week before the event.


SeniorShopper provides shopping transportation for seniors who would otherwise have difficulty riding fixed route service or driving. This service picks up groups of ten or more at senior housing complexes and community centers, but passengers of any age can use the service.

SeniorShopper operates on weekdays only. However, the service does not operate on holidays that fall on weekdays.


local fare
regional fare
Passengers 65+ years $2.60 $4.50
All other passengers $5.20 $9.00

* Discount fares are available for all seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, Medicare recipients, elementary, middle and high school students ages 6-19. Children 5 years of age or younger ride free with a fare-paying adult. Active duty members of the U.S. military ride for free on all RTD services. Proof of eligibility is required for all passengers using discounted fare products.

Tickets, passes, and transfers are not accepted as payment on SeniorRide.

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