Airport Service

Connecting you to Denver International Airport and beyond

RTD is making local and international travel easier than ever. With the University of Colorado A Line and SkyRide bus service we’re providing easy, affordable, and reliable transportation to Denver International Airport with direct access to airline check-in, baggage check, security screening, and baggage claim.

The easiest way to and from Denver International Airport

RTD's University of Colorado A Line and SkyRide bus service offer convenient, affordable options to get to and from Denver International Airport (DEN). Getting to the airport costs just $10.50 from anywhere in the RTD service area. Catch frequent train service from downtown Denver, northeast Denver, and Aurora, or catch the SkyRide bus from Boulder, Thornton, and the Denver Tech Center.

SkyRide Bus

SkyRide buses depart from each SkyRide stop on an hourly basis throughout the day and into the late evening. Look up your schedule and get going.

Traveling with luggage on SkyRide bus

RTD's coach-style SkyRide buses are well equipped to serve passengers traveling with luggage.

  • Buses feature under-seat and over-head storage space inside the bus for carry-on luggage and personal items.
  • Spacious under-coach storage bins can accommodate larger pieces of luggage. Perfect for large bags, bikes, and skis.
  • SkyRide drivers will assist with loading and unloading luggage in the under-coach bins.

Additional Service to Denver International Airport

The 169L and 145X do not offer the same amenities as SkyRide busses such as additional luggage storage or driver assistance with handling or loading/unloading luggage.

Route 55L - Olde Town Arvada

Route 55L provides service between downtown Olde Town Arvada and Union Station. This route will accommodate travelers to/from DIA and downtown Denver. This bus service will also accommodate travel with luggage. See schedules.

University of Colorado A Line

Trains depart to and from the airport every 15 minutes throughout the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Early morning and late evening trips depart every 30 minutes.

A Line Schedule

The University of Colorado A Line serves downtown Denver, RiNo, Park Hill, Stapleton, Aurora, Green Valley Ranch, and Denver International Airport.

Traveling with luggage by train

The commuter rail trains that serve the airport are specially designed to accommodate travelers with luggage.

  • Convenient level boarding means you can wheel your luggage directly onto the train without the hassle of stairs.
  • Luggage storage is available above each seat and larger pieces of luggage can be stored in the luggage towers on each train car. Please store your luggage securely and ensure that luggage does not block the aisle or exits.
  • RTD train operators are not available to assist you with loading or unloading, so be sure that you can carry or wheel all your luggage by yourself.

R Line connection to Peoria Station

The R Line connects to the University of Colorado A Line at Peoria Station.

R Line Schedule

The R Line light rail serves areas in southeast Denver, along I-225 through Aurora, with connection to commuter rail service at Peoria Station that continues on to Denver International Airport.

Plan Your Trip

2019 Airport Fares

effective January 1, 2019

Day Pass airport/regional

$10.50 / $5.25* / $3.20**

Unlimited travel all day

Monthly Pass airport/regional

$200 / $99* / $60**

Unlimited travel all month

3-Hour Pass airport fare

$10.50 / $5.25*/ $3.20**

unlimited travel within 3 hours

Fares given above are for Airport fare level. Learn more about RTD fare levels.
* Discount fares apply to seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, and Medicare recipients.
** Youth discount fares apply to youth ages 6-19 (up to three children ages 5 and younger ride free with a fare-paying adult). Proof of eligibility is required for all passengers using discounted fare products. Active duty members of the U.S. military ride for free on all RTD services.

3-Hour Pass

Airport fare is just $10.50 from anywhere within the RTD service area. Airport fare is $5.25 for qualifying discount fare riders. Cash is required when boarding SkyRide bus; cash, credit, and debit cards are accepted at rail station ticket vending machines. Fare must be paid prior to boarding the train.


Airport service is included in the Regional/Airport Day Pass and Regional/Airport Monthly Pass, and the EcoPass and CollegePass at no additional charge.


A Local Day Pass, Local Monthly Pass, Local or Regional 3-Hour Pass, or Local or Regional ticket may be used as a credit toward airport fare.

Learn about upgrading existing passes and tickets for Airport service

Airport fare upgrades

Passengers with a Local ticket, Local Day Pass or Local Monthly Pass will be able to upgrade to a Regional/Airport Day Pass (Full $6.40/Discount $3.20) with cash on any bus; or with cash, credit or debit at the ticket vending machines at rail and bus rapid transit stations.

A Local ticket, Local Day Pass, or Local Monthly Pass will serve as a $3.00 credit toward your SkyRide or Airport fare. Passengers will be issued a Regional/Airport Day Pass upon request.

Airport service is included at no extra charge for CollegePass, EcoPass, and Neighborhood EcoPass program participants.

Bus and train trips to/from Denver International Airport will be charged Airport fare, but all other trips are charged a Local or Regional fare.
SkyRide bus fares depend on the origin and destination of the trip (see fare downgrade details for SkyRide).
Rail fares depend on the number of rail fare zones traveled in (see rail fare zone details).

Stations and Park-n-Rides

Need to leave your car at a Park-n-Ride?

Airport service is available at 12 Park-n-Rides throughout the metro area. Daily parking fees may apply. Parking fees are based on how long you park and whether your vehicle is registered to an address that is within or outside of the RTD district boundaries. You must always pay before leaving your vehicle. Long-term parking is limited to 30 days.

Learn more about parking fees and find out if your license plate registration is within the RTD district boundary.

Parking Fees

  In-District, first 24 hours In-District, each
additional 24 hours
every 24 hours
   FREE $2.00 $4.00
Find out if you are In-District or Out-of-District

Park-n-Rides and Stations with airport service

  • 38th & Blake Station

    • Address:3737 Blake St, Denver
    • Location: 38th St and Blake St, RiNo
    • Car Parking:200
    • Airport Route: University of Colorado A Line
    • Travel time to DEN:31 minutes
  • 40th & Airport - Gateway Park Station

    • Address:3900 N Salida St, Aurora CO
    • Location: I-70 & Pena Blvd
    • Car Parking:1,079
    • Airport Route: University of Colorado A Line
    • Travel time to DEN:13 minutes
  • 40th & Colorado Station

    • Address:4220 Garfield St, Denver
    • Location: 40th St & Colorado Blvd, Park Hill
    • Car Parking:200
    • Airport Route: University of Colorado A Line
    • Travel time to DEN:26 minutes
  • 61st & Pena Station

    • Address: 6195 N. Panasonic Way, Denver, CO
    • Location: 61st St & Tower Road, Green Valley Ranch
    • Parking Spaces: none
    • Airport Route: University of Colorado A Line
    • Travel time to DEN: 37 minutes
    • see note above about parking fees
  • 104th & Revere Park-n-Ride

    • Address: 12340 E 104th Ave, Commerce City
    • Location: 104th Ave & Highway 2
    • Parking Spaces: 90
    • Airport Route: AA
    • Travel time to DEN: 20 minutes
  • Arapahoe at Village Center Station

    • Address: 8800 E Caley Ave, Greenwood Village
    • Location: Arapahoe & I-25
    • Parking Spaces: 824
    • Airport Route: AT
    • Travel time to DEN: 42 minutes
  • Central Park Station

    • Address:8200 Smith Road, Denver
    • Location: Smith Rd & Central Park Blvd, Stapleton
    • Car Parking:1,500
    • Airport Route: University of Colorado A Line
    • Travel time to DEN:23 minutes
  • downtown Boulder Station

    • Address: 1800 14th St, Boulder
    • Location: 14th St & Canyon Blvd
    • Parking Spaces: none
    • Airport Route: AB
    • Travel time to DEN: 70 minutes
  • Nine Mile Station

    • Address: 3179 S Parker Rd, Aurora
    • Location: I-225 & Parker Rd
    • Parking Spaces: 1225
    • Airport Route: AT
    • Travel time to DEN: 28 minutes
  • Peoria Station

    • Address:11501 E 33rd Ave, Aurora
    • Location: I-70 & Peoria St
    • Car Parking:550
    • Airport Route: University of Colorado A Line
    • Travel time to DEN:19 minutes
  • Union Station

    • Address: 1701 Wynkoop St, Denver
    • Location: 17th St & Wynkoop
    • Parking Spaces: none
    • Airport Route: University of Colorado A Line
    • Travel time to DEN: 37 minutes
  • US 36 and Flatirons Station

    • Address: 398 E Flatiron Cir, Broomfield
    • Location: US 36 & Flatiron Circle East
    • Parking Spaces: 264
    • Airport Route: AB
    • Travel time to DEN: 30 minutes
  • US 36 and McCaslin Station

    • Address: 7931 Marshall Rd, Superior
    • Location: US 36 & McCaslin Boulevard
    • Parking Spaces: 466
    • Airport Route: AB
    • Travel time to DEN: 37 minutes
  • US 36 and Table Mesa Station

    • Address: 5170 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder
    • Location: US 36 & Table Mesa Drive
    • Parking Spaces: 824
    • Airport Route: AB
    • Travel time to DEN: 45 minutes
  • Wagon Road Park-n-Ride

    • Address: 600 W 120th Ave, Westminster
    • Location: I-25 & 120th
    • Parking Spaces: 1540
    • Airport Route: AA
    • Travel time to DEN: 50 minutes

Denver Airport Station

Getting from the station to your flight

When you arrive at the airport, the train or bus will come to a stop at Denver Airport Station on level 1 of the airport. Please collect all of your personal belongings before exiting the vehicle.

To catch your flight, you will need to take the escalator to level 5. The escalator is located in the middle of Denver Airport Station, between the bus gates and the train platform. Additionally, elevators are located on either end of Denver Airport Station.

The five-story escalator will carry you to the new plaza on level 5, directly across from the security check point on the south end of the terminal. Proceed through the sliding glass doors to enter Jeppesen Terminal.

Getting from your flight to the station

When you exit the aircraft, follow signs for baggage claim or the transit center. You will need to board the airport tram to get to Jeppesen Terminal where baggage claim and ground transportation is located.

Domestic arrivals are located in the center of the main terminal on level 5. International arrival is located at the north end of the terminal. Baggage claim is also located on level 5.

To get to Denver Airport Station, follow signs to the Transit Center and proceed to the south exit on level 5 (look for the large American flag), exit the terminal through the sliding glass doors and take the escalator located in the center of the plaza down to level 1.

Navigating Denver Airport Station

Level 6
Airline ticket counter and baggage check
Level 5
TSA Security and baggage claim
Level 1
Denver Airport Station
  • Rail Platforms – Serving the University of Colorado A Line
  • Bus Gates – Serving routes AA, AB, AT, and other providers
  • Flight Information Display Screens – check the status of your flight as you arrive on the train
  • Public Transportation Display Screens – check the schedule for bus and rail
  • Flight Check-In Kiosks – check in for your flight and print your boarding pass
  • Baggage Check – check your bags from this level for United, Delta, American, and Southwest Airlines. Must drop bags at least 90 minutes before your flight.
  • Ticket Vending Machines – purchase tickets for the University of Colorado A Line or SkyRide bus service
  • RTD Customer Care – purchase tickets, ask questions and get directions
    • Hours of operation:
    • Monday-Friday8:00 am – 5:30 pm
    • Saturday / Sunday8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Visiting or new to Denver?

RTD is the best way to and from Denver International Airport. We offer fast, frequent, and affordable service options between the airport and downtown with convenient connections to bus and rail for easy access to the entire metro area. It’s easy to get around with 170 bus routes, 9,077 bus stops, and miles and miles of rail service. Learn how to ride our system and check out these quick links to make your travels a breeze.