Service Changes

Three times a year, usually in Winter, Spring and Fall, RTD introduces bus and rail service modifications. These changes help to enhance service for our passengers and enable better connections with bus, rail, and specialty services. These changes are based on traffic pattern studies, ridership, economic factors, and community feedback as we strive to create the best-possible transit experience.

Proposed March 2018 Special Service service changes

RTD makes changes to our bus and rail system to enhance service for our passengers. Every day, activities occur within our community that can affect our transit system – traffic patterns, economic factors, ridership and customer feedback. We respond by making changes to our bus and rail system several times a year.

Proposed Special Services service changes will take place March 4, 2018.

View the proposed March 2018 Special Services service changes

Proposed service changes
G Line

We’re excited to offer our customers new transit options with the opening of the Gold Rail Line or G Line to Arvada and Wheat Ridge. This new rail line represents another major step in developing a comprehensive transit network to meet the transportation needs of our customers in the greater metro area.

View the proposed G Line service changes

Service Development Division

This division is responsible for service planning, scheduling, runcutting, service monitoring, service performance evaluation, and implementation coordination of all RTD services.