Safety & Security

At RTD, your safety and security are our top priorities

Our system-wide safety plan encompasses many safety concerns related to RTD's operations, our passengers, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. As an intrinsic member of the metro-area community, RTD has created the following programs to create a safer transit environment. Together, we can make our buses and trains safer for everyone.

Partners in Safety

All of us play a vital role in making our transit system a safer place. Become a partner in safety and be safe around buses and trains.

Transit Watch

The RTD Safety and Security Division has partnered with Homeland Security to create awareness of possible threats to our transit system.

Yield to Bus

Colorado law requires motorists to yield to the right-of-way to transit buses merging back into traffic after a bus stop.

Rider Code of Conduct

For the safety, convenience, and comfort of everyone, RTD has established a Code of Conduct which addresses certain conduct that is prohibited on all RTD vehicles, facilities, and property.