Operator of the Month

Bus and light rail operators who have gone above and beyond

September 2016:
RTD Commendations

At RTD, we’re committed to the highest standards in public transit. From bus and rail, to the Free MallRide, Free MetroRide and specialty services, providing our customers with the best-possible service is our priority. Each month we highlight an operator of bus or rail for their exceptional customer service. This month we would like to feature commendations that reflect our commitment to our passengers.

Lonnie Clemmons wrote:
“Just wanted to write and let you know what a great transit system you have in Denver. While I was a little surprised by the price of your bus fare during my stay in Denver, it all made sense in the end. I live in Cincinnati and we have to pay separate for a transfer and pay additional fare if we go outside the city limits, so it was nice to just pay one fare for everything. I also like the idea of texting when your bus will arrive at your stop. Great idea! During my stay, your buses were never late! The A rail to the airport was fantastic! I think it's even faster than driving, and everything was so clean. The airport in Cincinnati is also quite a distance from the city, and we don't have a rail system to take people to the airport. I didn’t rent a car during my stay in Denver and there were times it was a little difficult getting around, but your services helped me out a lot!”

September RTD Commendations

Susan House wrote:
“All of the drivers have been efficient and courteous. I started riding the bus about 6 months ago and have been very pleased with the service—everyone from the nice lady who issued my bus pass to the drivers who wait for me as I run to the bus. They show remarkable tolerance of some wildly inconsiderate drivers who cut them off and won’t let them back into traffic. Even the passengers are quite considerate. Thanks RTDers!”