Operators of the Month

Bus and rail operators who have gone above and beyond

June 2018:
George Lelesz

This month, RTD recognizes train operator, George Lelesz, who has received numerous compliments and commendations. The commendations featured are from passengers Mollie Doerner, Patrick Ritsko, Aaron Clark and Laura Earley for his friendly and positive attitude.

June 2018 George Lelesz

Mollie Doerner said:

“This morning, on the F Line to 18th & California, George introduced himself over the intercom and wished all students exiting the train at the Auraria campus a great day of class. Next, at the Convention Center stop, he greeted the “adults” out in the “real world” and reminded passengers to not let others steal our joy. The whole train car was full of passengers. It totally brightened my commute. Thank you!”

Patrick Ritsko said:

“George is an amazing train operator! This was the second time he was operating the train I rode to get downtown for work. Every once in a while (while stopped), he will get on the PA system and entertain us by offering “words of wisdom,” telling a joke, offering a song recommendation, or just simply telling us to have a nice day and to “smell the roses.” It felt like being on a Southwest Airlines flight! RTD is very fortunate to have a positive person on their fleet. Please pass this off to him in sincere appreciation for his fun and good-natured personality. It makes everyones’ day!”

Aaron Clark said:

“I would like to bring to your attention the great experience I had on the F Line out of the Belleview Station. It was an absolute pleasure. George kept coming on the PA to point out little things that we normally overlook (the impressive view from the Broadway flyover). He addressed the college students at the Auraria Station and suggested to talk to someone new in their class and have a good day. All of these messages made me and other people around me smile and generally improved our day from the beginning. He should be commended for his attitude and encourage to share, he is one of the best operators I have ridden with in ten years of using RTD.”

Laura Earley said:

“I don't know the driver's name, but I wanted to share how happy he made me today. In my 8 months of riding the train, I have never heard a driver make an announcement to the riders. When he started talking, I assumed we had some sort of issue, which would have been a bad start to the day. Instead, he said, "ladies and gentlemen, it's a BEAUTIFUL day outside! We're arriving at the Broadway Station, and we're right on time. It's 6:39 a.m. (that's why I knew the time of the incident), and I want to let you know that YOU are as beautiful as this day is!" I feel sorry for the passengers who were so busy with their earphones that they didn't hear his sweet, kind message. The driver then gave us some music trivia, which was also fun. He made an otherwise normal, uneventful ride FUN, and I wanted to say how much I appreciated that great start to my day! Whoever he is, please pass along my thanks!”

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