DBE/SBE Program

Supporting small and disadvantaged businesses

What is the DBE/SBE Program?

The RTD Small Business Office's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise (DBE/SBE) Program creates a level playing field, removing barriers and assisting in the development of businesses like yours. We are focused on building a stronger Colorado economy by certifying firms, ensuring compliance of goals set, and providing training so DBE/SBEs can grow and thrive in this competitive industry. The Small Business Office is part of RTD's Civil Rights Division.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  • Established to accommodate historically under-utilized businesses
  • Goals set for federally funded projects with subcontracting potential
  • Certification granted through the State of Colorado
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Small Business Enterprise

  • Established to accommodate small businesses in a race-neutral and gender-neutral framework
  • Goals set for locally funded projects with subcontracting potential
  • Certification granted through RTD
  • Eligible firms are classified by personal net worth and average gross receipts
Find SBE firms and see if your firm is certified

DBE/SBE certification

When competing for contracts, an SBE certificate accompanied with a DBE certificate is key to gaining a competitive edge. Firms should seek certification for all programs they qualify for, as individual contracting opportunities may have established goals for SBEs, DBEs or both.

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Once you have been certified, check our current solicitations for business opportunities and get on our bidders list.

More about DBE/SBE

The DBE/SBE Program was established by RTD to foster equal opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses by reducing unnecessary obstacles that prevent growth.

Read the DBE Program Policy Statement
Read RTD's 2020-2022 DBE Goal Notice

The DBE/SBE Program is a federally mandated program under FTA's Rules and Regulations. In accordance with Federal Regulation 49 CFR Part 2, "FTA grantees that receive planning, capital and/or operating assistance and who award prime contracts cumulatively exceeding $250,000 must administer a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program." RTD's Civil Rights Division maintains a strong responsibility of ensuring that firms competing for contracts are not disadvantaged by unlawful discrimination. For this purpose, RTD's Civil Rights Division sets goals on eligible projects for DBE/SBE participation and oversees the compliance with these goals. This program is in not a quota or set-aside program and will not in any way operate as one. The DBE/SBE Program was established by RTD to foster equal opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses by reducing unnecessary obstacles that prevent growth and continued development of small and disadvantaged businesses. RTD has set goals for DBE/SBE participation on the FasTracks program and ensures compliance with these goals. In addition to compliance, the DBE/SBE Program tracks performance to ensure desirable and measurable results.

RTD's Civil Rights Division also holds a committed responsibility for monitoring and tracking the performance of contractors and subcontractors working on all projects with SBE and DBE participation goals. Goals are not set on every contract, but for those contracts that have SBE/DBE goals the utilization of ready, willing and available SBE/DBE firms must be utilized in order to demonstrate a good faith effort in meeting or exceeding the goal. Within the compliance monitoring and tracking mechanisms the SBOO office also makes it our responsibility to ensure prompt payment, a checks/ balances report, labor & workforce reviews and commercially useful function reviews.

While continuing to ensure compliance and relationships on our projects with DBE/SBEs we also will stay committed to helping DBE/SBEs by providing an array of services, mentoring resources, training opportunities, networking opportunities and information about upcoming contracting opportunities to increase the readiness and success for all of our DBE/SBE firms. This program is designed to ensure that the greatest number of DBE/SBE-certified consultants, contractors, community organizations in the area are given the opportunity to compete for RTD base and FasTracks contracts. These valuable tools help the small and disadvantaged business community learn, grow and thrive in a very competitive industry.

Read RTD's 2020-2022 DBE Goal Notice

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The RTD Civil Rights Division’s Small Business Office would like to present the RTD FasTracks Small Business Success Story. This is a commemorative video to capture the outstanding accomplishments and success stories of small, minority, disadvantaged, and women-owned businesses that helped build RTD’s multi-modal expansion project known as FasTracks.